French Online Casinos in Canada

The finest French online casinos for Canadians provide excellent service to Canadians who speak French. For French speakers in Canada, French online casinos are the ideal alternative. This article concentrates on Online casino sites that cater to French players. A number of these sites are multilingual in that they provide additional languages and others are […]

Online gambling increased in Quebec during the pandemic

A new study found that during the first year of the epidemic, there was a sharp increase in the number of people from Quebec who participated in online gambling. According to research 15% of the population is now engaged in online gambling, up from 5% in 2018.  That is a significant increase. According to the […]

The best bakeries in Quebec

If you’re ever in Quebec City, visit the bakeries (or boulangeries) and indulge in some pastries! Or, if you prefer, the viennoiseries.  Things from Vienna, or viennoiserie in French, include delectable croissants, danish pastries, escargot aux raisins (raisin snails) and more. They are essentially the intermediary item between breads and pastries. Containing white flour and active yeast […]

Best dishes to try in Quebec

The food scene in Quebec has been heavily influenced by numerous immigrants who have made this Canadian region their home. Traditionally however it has deep roots in French cuisine. While some of its dishes are firmly based in cultural traditions, many of them recall the difficult early years of settlement. As a result, Quebec is growing as […]

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